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Half Body Mannequins

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Half Body Military Mannequin Display:
Same material, size and face options as Full Form Mannequins. Deluxe Finished and solid wood stand adjustable for height.
$195.00 each plus shipping
  • Caucasion Male Mannequin- medium build
  • Caucasion Male Mannequin developed especially for smaller Military Mannequin uniforms.
  • Oriental Male Military Mannequin Display.
  • Military African American male and Female Mannequin Display Available Also
Shipping east of Mississippi $30.00 West of the Mississippi $36.00
Full Body Form Military Mannequins:
Molded from life-like material with detailed painted face. $385.00 plus shipping. If you want your mannequin to stand by itself you will need the optional hardware pack at $27.00. This hardware pack applies to all styles listed below.
  • Caucasion Medium Build Full Body Mannequin
    Our most popular style, it will fit just about all medium to smaller sizes and stands 5'9".
  • Caucasian Small Build Full Body Military Mannequin
    Especially designed for smaller uniforms like Civil War and World War One. Stands 5'6", small frame.
  • Oriental Male Full Body Mannequin.
    Stands 5'6", small frame.
  • Full Body Military Mannequin Female.
    Stands 5'5" small frame.
  • Military African American Male and Female available for same prices.
Shipping East of the Mississippi $60.00 or shipping West of Mississippi $76.00(shipped in two containers).

Optional Hardware Pack
Systems Mannequin
Styrofoam Male torso form with solid wood interior frame.
Neck area is pre-cut and has support, ready to accept optional flesh-tone head display.
$88.00 dollars each.

Optional Additions:
  • Head: Male face flesh-tone head display will fit directly into the opening.
    $10.00 each.
  • Arms: Padded copper tubing, attached at the shoulder and can be bent into position.
    $19.00 per pair.
  • Hands: Detailed molded flesh-tone resin that fasten to the optional arms.
    $57.00 per pair.

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